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Breedlove Partners with The Sing Me A Story Foundation to Present Music Festival / Venue Program

The Sing Me A Story Foundation (SMAS) is a non-profit that gives children in need the opportunity to be creative and bring their voices to the world through music. Children in need are given the opportunity to write and illustrate stories about anything they desire, then SMAS distributes and connects songwriters with these stories for songwriting and recording purposes. These stories are in turn played for the children and the songs are used to raise money and benefit partnering non-profits.

Breedlove is partnering with SMAS in 2019 by supplying funding and guitars within a Music Festival and Venue Series reaching roughly 80 venues and targeting 9 festivals. Breedlove’s Tom Bedell explains, “The Breedlove team is deeply committed to supporting the Sing Me A Story Foundation’s mission of giving a creative voice to children in need through music. Linking kids with songwriters and artists is a fantastic concept; especially if the effort can in turn support non-profits designed to help more kids in need. We’re excited to support this program!”

Breedlove will be publishing SMAS artist video and recording sessions throughout the year on the brand website and social media platforms, as well as attending many of the festivals throughout the year.

About The Sing Me A Story Foundation
The Sing Me a Story Foundation™ is a program that combines the imaginations of children with the talents of songwriters to create stories and songs that bring joy to all those involved. The Sing Me a Story Foundation believes that the greatest gift in the world is the gift of giving. If we can give the children we serve the opportunity to give the one thing they all have regardless of circumstance, their imagination, and bring those imaginations to some of the largest microphones we can find in an effort to remind us all that we have more in common than we often attribute to ourselves, we will have accomplished our goal. We believe our world is a world destined to be united and if Sing Me a Story can be one small part of that - we will have achieved our mission.

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