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Breedlove Stringed Instruments Announces Andrew Wells as New Signature Artist

Breedlove Stringed Instruments Announces Andrew Wells as New Signature Artist

Andrew Wells is a Breedlove artist who has been non-stop touring with known artist Cody Simpson.  He first met Cody when Simpson’s guitarist needed a sub and he was able to get in touch with Andrew, the rest has been music and fun travels!

Andrew started playing in his early youth and has high aspirations where his music will take him. He has met many friends along his journey and will continue to pursue his music in the pop world for now. He has big plans for 2016, such as working on American Idol and also some fall touring!

Wells plays a Breedlove Premier Parlor and loves how a small easy traveling guitar can sound so big. Watch for Wells on American Idol, touring with Cody Simpson, and co-collaborations with Justin Bieber.

Breedlove: Growing up in LA you were subjected to the music scene, who was a musician that inspired you and made you want to pick up a guitar? 
Andrew Wells: I grew up in a very odd situation where all of my friends played in bands and kind of pushed each other to improve whether we knew it or not.  It was a bit competitive but in a healthy way and I owe most of any success I've had to that. As far as guitarists go, I fell in love with Eddie Van Halen like anyone else but I'm mostly into players like Johnny Greenwood, Nels Cline, Johnny Marr and the Edge.

BL: What was the first song you learned to play on the guitar?
AW: “Champagne Supernova” by the best band of all time, Oasis. 

BL: What was the most memorable concert/festival you have been to?
AW: I saw Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys and the genius behind Pet Sounds the other night and it really got to me. A good friend and mentor, Scott Bennett has been a member of Brian's band for years and he brought me out to the show. No band works harder on stage than those guys.

BL: You were recently on tour in Europe with Cody Simpson, what was your favorite stop and why?
AW: Oslo, Norway. We didn't get to play a show there this time around, but we routed a day off just to hang in the city and my guitar tech ended up finding love.... It was beautiful. The show we did there last year was the best of the tour and it will always have a special place in all of our hearts...

BL: What was the wildest story and the worst nightmare of the Europe tour?
AW: Unfortunately, I probably won't be allowed to talk about the wildest story from Europe on the Internet for a long time, but a couple weeks into this last tour I lost my wallet in Germany and then my phone in England a few days later which wasn't fun...

BL: It seems that you and Cody Simpson have a great friendship, how did you meet and did your music click right away?
AW: Yeah, I'm super lucky to call someone I've worked for one of my close friends. We met a couple years ago when Cody's old guitarist and my now good friend, Andrew Watt needed a sub for one LA show. Watt hit up a great producer friend of mine, Warren Huart and Warren was kind enough to recommend me. Oddly enough, the gig was just one song on the ukulele but I kept getting called and just like any friendship we've grown closer over the past couple years.

BL: Who would be an artist you would like to play with?
AW: I'd love to join U2 on second guitar but I'll settle for Taylor Swift.

BL: What has been the biggest perk of being in the music industry?
AW: It sounds corny but without a doubt, it's getting paid to travel the world and share experiences, good and bad with some of my best friends.

BL: When picking up your Premier Parlor what was your first thought?
AW: How a guitar so small could sound so big. I played one of the Parlors and instantly fell in love with everything about it. It makes music sound better and myself a better guitarist. Several months ago I was working on a primarily acoustic project with Cody and Justin Bieber, and when it came time to sort out an acoustic guitar to use on everything, Breedlove wasn't even a question and it's been amazing ever since.

BL: We saw that you have started a band with Ryan Beatty, have you come up with the band name and when do you plan to release music?
AW: Ryan is a great friend and even more talented musician. We bonded over loving a lot of the same music and unfortunately the hardest part for two already working musicians to make a band and band name is finding the time together. Hopefully we'll get something going very soon.

BL: You’re out on the very last American Idol tour – what’s that going to be like?

AW: As I write this we are getting ready to play show 34/38 and it's definitely been an experience. We cram 26 songs into the set with about 10 guitar changes. It's a pretty fast paced show with a big acoustic portion so there isn't room for a guitar to cause issues.

BL: What’s in store for the rest of 2016?
AW: I'm doing American Idol till the end of August, but almost immediately after I get back I start playing some guitar for an incredible vocalist from the band The Wanted by the name of Nathan Sykes. Beyond that, there's not too much I can announce but there are a couple of great new artists I'm excited to start working with.