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Distinctive Dealer Spotlight | MusicStoreLive.Com

Breedlove is excited to help you get to know our Distinctive Dealers.  These dealers have the opportunity to carry a select group of Breedlove products and are your go to for custom instrument orders. 

Our first dealer feature is MusicStoreLive.Com, a web based retailer with their home base in Burlington, Vermont.  They have really made the online buying experience hands on and a treat for your senses!  Their YouTube channel is full of video demos of gear and great interviews.  Our very own Tom Bedell went out to visit and talk with their team about some of the Breedlove guitars they carry.

We caught up with owner Ben Werlin and asked him a few questions.

How long have you been a Distinctive Dealer?

Music Store Live has been a Distinctive Dealer with Breedlove for as long as the program has existed - two years now.  It’s been a joy to bring so many of Breedlove’s best instruments into the shop, and work so closely with the amazing Breedlove team in Bend, Oregon.

What is your favorite Breedlove?

A Breedlove Custom Concert C25 with a quilted redwood top and stunning curly walnut back and sides. I had never seen such gorgeous wood until I visited Breedlove’s wood library in Bend, and hand picked the pieces to be used to build this guitar.  Some incredible custom instruments come out of that factory, and I’m proud to have so many custom beauties here at MSL.  They look and sound incredible.  

This guitar is currently available on their website.

What is your favorite wood combination?

Spruce Top, and Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides

Why do you think Brazilian rosewood is such a great tonewood?

I’ve found that Brazilian Rosewood resonates with great warmth that can sometimes be missing from Indian Rosewood.

Best tip for deciding on what guitar to purchase?

Do your research.  Try out guitars to determine what kind of tonewoods and body styles you like.  Talk to experts like our gear specialists at Music Store Live.  Based on your playing styles and preferences, we can certainly point you in the right direction.  Guitars are first and foremost for making beautiful music, but many are also gorgeous works of art that can be a centerpiece in your home.  Look around online to find the instrument that will suit both your sonic and aesthetic desires.

What is your favorite part to customize on a guitar?

Inlays - I think a gorgeous set of inlays can tie a guitar together and really turn it into a piece of art.

Learn more about Music Store Live and the products they carry here.