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Breedlove Guitars

Laminate vs. Solid Wood Guitars

Here at Breedlove Guitars we sit in both camps of this debate. We love any and all guitars here really, but we thought it’d be better to break down the pros and cons, if you will, of laminate and solid wood guitars. They each have their benefits, and reasons for being used in acoustic guitars, and we’re here to explain why. What are they More upper end professional guitars are made with cuts of solid wood. Some beginner models are built with laminate, or pressed plywood. Pressed...

The Popularity of Mahogany Guitars

Acoustic guitars made with mahogany have grown in popularity over the years. Mahogany can be used in guitars for many reasons. It provides a unique sound and feel, and is a medium-lightweight wood. Learn more about the benefits of mahogany tonewood guitars. Where it’s found The exotic tonewood of mahogany can be found in southern Mexico and throughout parts of Central America. It’s also found south through Brazil and Bolivia. Belize has actually listed Mahogany as it’s...

Premier Guitar Awards Concerto Coveted Premier Gear Award

Premier Guitar Awards Concerto Coveted Premier Gear Award

By Adam Perlmutter | May 01, 2017 The first thing I noticed about the Breedlove Premier Concerto is how eminently playable it is. The neck is shallow, in a very good way, and it’s easy to play complex chord progressions and fast single-note runs, and to bend strings. And though the nut is a wide 1.75”—the specification preferred by most fingerstyle players—it feels almost like playing a nice electric guitar. It sounds terrific, too: airy and resonant, with a cello-like...

Musician & Engineer Luke Basile Describes Benefits of Concerto Body Shape

About the Concerto Body Shape When we set out to create a guitar that would surpass the classic big body sound of the dreadnought,  we didn’t just want it to be loud. We sought to bring out more tonal complexity, and to offer a much more comfortable playing experience, too. Introducing the new Breedlove Concerto, a new guitar shape created to elicit more volume than a classic dreadnought, and more lush, complex tonal resonance in a comfortable body shape that feels just right. Loud,...

Central Oregon Daily’s Breedlove TV Spot

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson recently toured the acoustic guitar factory in Bend, OR for a first-hand look at how our acoustic guitars are crafted. While we are not able to embed this video, you can view the full interview and TV spot by clicking here.

Tonewood Talk: Brazilian Rosewood

Tonewood Talk: Brazilian Rosewood

In January, we introduced you to James, our Wood Librarian.  He shared some of his thoughts on Cocobolo and what it's like to working with the unique wood.  You can read that story here. This month, we are switching gears and talking to James about Brazilian rosewood. Q: What do you love about Brazilian rosewood? A: I love the way it looks! It comes in an array of browns, with an immense amount of character in the way the grain flows. The best part though is the sapwood....

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