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Breedlove Guitars

EON Announces One Take Contest

Harman has just launched the EON ONE Take contest - giving songwriters a rare opportunity to win an amazing recording session. “The EON ONE Take Contest is about empowering artists to show the world what they can do,” said Bryan Bradley, senior vice president & GM, Harman Professional Solutions, Entertainment SBU. “We’re looking forward to hearing songwriters from across the country express their unique voices and seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”...

Distinctive Dealer Spotlight: Acoustic Vibes

Distinctive Dealer Spotlight: Acoustic Vibes

Acoustic Vibes has been a Breedlove Distinctive Dealer since the beginning.  Based in Tempe, they love to showcase their Custom Sound Studio instruments.  Jeff Looker recently shared some of his insights in to what he likes in designing custom instruments.  How long have you been a Distinctive Dealer? We started as a Breedlove Dealer in 2007. The amazing woods, innovative designs and the culture of the company were very compelling. When the Distinctive Dealer program was...

Breedlove Launches #SAVEAGUITAR Campaign & Chance to Win Pursuit Concert Guitar!

Technology is taking over. We’re being bombarded. That which was engineered to save us, is enslaving us. Put down your phone. Turn off the computer. And listen up. #SaveAGuitar is a return to music—playing music, making something from nothing. It’s a call to pick up a guitar, or any instrument, and create your own vision rather than waiting for someone or something else to do the entertaining. Wish you could play the guitar? Do it. Guitars change lives. #SaveAGuitar shows all...

Breedlove Teams up with Trout Unlimited and F3T

Breedlove Teams up with Trout Unlimited and F3T

Early in 2016, Breedlove partnered with Trout Unlimited and the Fly Fishing Film Tour to create a unique raffle based campaign to support conservation of critical salmon habitat in the Tongass National Forest. Breedlove contributed to the campaign by donation an Oregon Concert Rogue acoustic guitar to the cause. Below is a recent recap article released by Trout Unlimited. By: Jenny Weis   Question: What do you get when you combine the Fly Fishing Film Tour, Trout Unlimited Alaska and a...

Premier Guitar Reviews Breedlove’s Oregon Concert Bourbon and Manzanita

In this short instrument review video, the folks at Premier Guitar Magazine review the Oregon Concert Bourbon and Manzanita. Two new product offerings from Breedlove at Summer NAMM 2016.

Breedlove supports “Sing me a story:” The softer side of Summerfest

This video was recently released by Fox News and shows off a charity we support at Breedlove, a great non-profit called Sing Me a Story. Breedlove provides instruments for the Sing Me a Story crew to use on location during recording sessions. When you're down on the Summerfest grounds you may occasionally see random RV's or trailers parked in areas where nothing's really happening. But inside one, something special is happening. There's a local man, some recording equipment and...

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