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Top 6 Features of a Breedlove Guitar

It’s no mystery that Breedlove instruments have a distinctive look, feel, and sound. When looking at a Breedlove most are in awe of the aesthetically pleasing innovative design and some are able to perceive the accomplishment of science and sound engineering. Breedlove has a vision, a vision to craft distinctive elements that is used to create your sound. The stringed instrument company has designed a way to tailor each instrument to its player. Within the design of a Breedlove there are 6 unique features.

1. Exotic Tonewoods. The Breedlove Wood Library offers a marvelous assortment of exotic tonewoods. The woods produce an inspiring spectrum of sounds. Breedlove provides introductory priced tonewoods to Exotic woods that create great sound character and visual beauty. 

2. The Breedlove Asymmetrical Headstock. This unique headstock is featured on the CM, Concert, Auditorium, and 12 string body shapes. So what makes the Breedlove Asymmetrical headstock so different from a traditional headstock? This particular headstock isn’t just a pretty shape, it is specifically engineered to keep the strings in a straight, even line from the nut to the tuning pegs. The result being even tension, stable tuning, and ease of alternate tuning. 

3. Breedlove Neck Design. The Breedlove neck design features a slimmer neck profile, which enables comfortable play, even with smaller hands. Unlike traditional dovetail neck joints that require major operation for a neck re-set, it is easy to adjust the play action and neck angle with the Breedlove bolt-on neck and single-action truss rod. Many ask “What’s the secret of this easy to hold and play neck?” Here’s the Breedlove secret: Hand-finishing. After machining, each Breedlove neck goes through a comprehensive finish process where it receives a wash coat and sealer. The hand-rubbed, semi-gloss Breedlove neck finish takes three days, including multiple finish coats, fine sanding and hand buffing and rubbing to achieve exactly the right thickness for perfect action and playability.

4. The Breedlove Graduated Top. These graduated tops, featured on select models, contribute stunning balance from lows to highs. The tops are slightly thicker on the treble side, balancing the higher energy treble frequencies with the lower energy bass frequencies traveling through the thinner bass side. The result being cleaner, cleaner highs and stable, resonant lows. Because no two soundboards are exactly the same, Breedlove craftsmen evaluate each top for stiffness and density, and then graduate it accordingly- the amount of graduation is customized for each individual instrument and the tip is sanded to the precise graduated thickness to achieve optimal flexibility and stiffness. This hands on process is one of the major contributors to the distinguishable Breedlove sound. No robot or machine could ever treat a piece of wood the Breedlove way.

5. The Breedlove Bridge Truss. The Breedlove Bridge Truss, also known as the BBT, is offered on select models- most commonly the Concert and Auditorium shapes. The BBT reduces tension on the soundboard of the guitar, so the top wood is able to vibrate more freely, producing remarkable sustain, balance, and clarity. This Bridge Truss also allows for a thinner graduated top wood without sacrificing structural stability. Relieving much of the string tension from the bridge prevents “bridge belly,” ensuring top stability for decades. 

6. The Pinless Bridge. The sixth distinctive Breedlove feature is the pinless bridge. This pinless bridge helps maintain the integrity of the top by eliminating the need for six drilled string holes. The fewer holes in your soundboard, the more evenly the sound wave can move across the interior, without any loss of energy. Not only does the Breedlove Pinless Bridge provide a gentler string-break angle from the bridge to the top of the saddle, reducing saddle strain, but it also makes string change a breeze, especially on 12 strung models. Not to mention a player will never have to worry about lost, worn-out, or broken bridge pins.

These six elements are just a few of the unique identifiers for Breedlove’s distinctively crafted sound. Each and every Breedlove was carefully designed and each component was chosen to shape your specific sound leaving its player to do what they do best, create, express, and inspire.