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Overview was founded on bringing you the most fulfilling online buying experience possible. Breedlove guitars truly need to be experienced, and nothing fulfills our mission more than when you, our customer, plays your new guitar for the first time, and the result is all smiles. 

The innovations, growth, and quality coming out of Breedlove’s factories, both in the US and overseas, are impressive. We're proud to carry Breedlove's fine acoustic instruments, and if you would like to experience them for yourself, we encourage you to contact one of our Guitar Specialists, who can help you find just the right instrument for you.  Whether you're looking at an affordable guitar, or you're hoping to spec out your very own high end custom made Breedlove, we want to be your partner in finding the right instrument, the one that suits your needs as a musician. Note that we're the first in the industry to offer absolutely free return shipping. We do this because we're only happy when we know you're happy with your guitar. Take advantage of our generous policy and experience a Breedlove for yourself.