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East Indian Rosewood is the choice wood used for the back and sides of this captivating guitar.  The top has been made with hand selected Redwood.  The soft sound of this guitar is incredibly appealing to fingerstyle players.  Both warm and balanced in look and voice, the Focus Special Edition has been made with both the studio and stage in mind.  Featuring the L.R. Baggs Element Active System electronics with a volume and tone control, you will be able to achieve quick and easy amplification in any playing situation.  The graceful lines of the soft cutaway Concert body are highlighted with Ivoroid binding, also featured on the sound hole.  With a rosette of Abalone and the Focus inlay on the Ebony fingerboard, the tasteful design of this guitar is sure to please.

Focus Special Edition Specifications
Body Type Concert
Neck Wood Honduran Mahogany
Solid Wood Top Redwood
Solid Wood Back & Sides East Indian Rosewood
Top Finish Gloss
Fretboard Ebony
# Frets 20
Nut Width 1 3/4"
Tuners Hardware Chrome Gotoh 510
Lower Bout Width 15"
Waist Width 9"
Upper Bout Width 11 1/4"
Body Length 20"
Pickup Element Active VTC

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"OK, I am the worst procrastinator and scrutinizer you will ever meet.  When I decided to buy a high end acoustic for fingerstyle guitar I literally spent years looking and played every model of guitar out there and have been in nearly every high end shop I could find on my GPS in 5 different states.  I have played them all, M's, T's, W's, G's....all of em, and also ones from custom builders going for over 10 grand.  Then.....THEN I was in a shop trying out a T..... for the hundredth time and the owner said here try this one........it was the BREEDLOVE FOCUS SE, redwood top, ebony fret, indian rosewood side.  It looked great, felt great, played great and the sound is bar none, the best I have ever heard come out of a guitar.  The intonation is perfect, did I mention it is the best sounding guitar I have ever heard.  Did I also mention it plays better than any guitar I have ever played.  This thing is THE EPITOMY of what a great guitar should be.  Every night when I take it out of the case it sounds better than the night before.  It is extremely responsive to fingerstyle.  Even if you bump the thing on the stand, the open strings sound great.  I cannot find a single thing wrong with this and I looked and looked hard.  It is perfect.  I also had the opportunity to compare it side by side to the T's, M's etc which was the best test I could have done.  The breedlove Focus SE sounds so much better than the others that people in the shop were laughing when we listened to them side by side. The breedlove made the others sound like cheap dept store guitars and those were great sounding guitars when not compared to the Focus SE!  I am so satisfied with this guitar and you will be to if you are looking for a great guitar.  Whatever these guys at Breedlove guitars are doing, they are doing it right.  Thanks Breedlove, your craftmanship is greatly appreciated!"

- G.D, Mass.

It is perfect |

"I have loved your guitars ever since I can remember. I toured your factory once, and I still remember it - was a visit to a magical place being a guitar player and woodworker. I am playing more finger style now so I bought an Master Class from Apple Music in Portland. I now have it at home, and I have picked it up at least four different times today to play it. Simply amazing, although in many ways there is nothing simple about it. The more I play it, the more my amazement of how fine an instrument I have chosen. I am hopelessly spoiled! I am in awe.

- S.A., Hillsboro, OR

Hopelessly Spoiled! |

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