Oregon Dreadnought E Guitars

For the player who wants the stout projection of a Breedlove dreadnought with the unique look, midrange fullness, depth, clarity, and liveliness of locally sourced myrtlewood. The most accessible American-made platform for the Breedlove rounded dreadnought, it's voiced to project defined tone with volume and clarity and features a slightly rounded upper bout to provide a great sound chamber and to be less restrictive for the player.

Oregon Dreadnought E Specifications
Body Type Dreadnought
Neck Wood Eastern hard rock maple
Solid Wood Top Sitka spruce
Solid Wood Back & Sides Myrtlewood
Top Finish Gloss
Back & Side Finish Semi-gloss
Fretboard African ebony
# Frets 20
Nut Width 1.75"
Tuners Hardware Breedlove, nickel
Lower Bout Width 16.18"
Waist Width 10.77"
Upper Bout Width 11.68"
Body Length 20.145"
Body Depth 4"
String Gauge D'Addario EXP 17
Pickup LR Baggs EAS VTC
Bridge Delta bridge, African ebony
Binding Black
Inlay Offset dots
Case Deluxe hardshell
Scale Length 25.5"
Sound Hole 4"
Crafted In Bend, OR USA

Body Shape

Breedlove set out to enhance the traditional dreadnought sound, and the results are evident. If you’re inspired by the familiarity of a dread, but are looking for more nuance and richness than usual, the Breedlove Dreadnought delivers. The shape is slightly more rounded than traditional dreadnoughts and produces beautifully full, punchy, and articulate tones. It also provides excellent projection and articulation, so it excels in any ensemble. The hand-graduated top provides the balance and clarity that make this one of the most innovative and expressive-sounding dreadnoughts on the market.

Breedlove Neck

Breedlove guitar necks feature a slimmer neck profile, which enables comfortable play, even with smaller hands. Unlike traditional dovetail neck joints that require major surgery for a neck re-set, it is easy to adjust the play action and neck angle with the Breedlove bolt-on neck and single-action truss rod. The hand-rubbed, semi-gloss Breedlove neck finish contributes to ideal playability – the finish process alone takes three days, including precise finish coat applications, fine sanding, and hand buffing and rubbing.

Top Wood

Sitka spruce, picea sitchensis, originates in the northwest United States. Sitka spruce has been the primary top wood for American-made instruments for decades. It is strong and light with extended harmonic content, and it nearly equals the power of Adirondack. It offers a strong, focused tone with a solid fundamental -- perfect for flatpicking styles. When compared with European spruce, Sitka delivers warmer, more fundamental sound, largely free of overtones. Sitka takes a slightly longer period of playing time to open up. It has a straight uniform grain and coloration ranges from white to pink to light brown.

Back and Side Woods

Myrtlewood, umbellularia californica, formerly oreodaphne californica, originates in the western United States in Northern California and Oregon. Myrtlewood offers a strong fundamental with a powerful voice. Similar to maple, it has a clear and bright voice with superb projection and sustain, and offers a full and balanced sound. A versatile non-traditional tonewood, it is a favorite for many styles of playing. Myrtle has very unique and widely varied figure – no two sets are alike. Coloration ranges from blonde to taupe.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Breedlove players around the world can attest: With consistent, proper care, your Breedlove will give you a lifetime of service – and inspiration. New Breedlove instruments, purchased through an authorized Breedlove dealer, are warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship throughout the lifetime of the original owner. In addition to materials and workmanship, Breedlove offers a two-year warranty on tuning machines and electronics packages. Cases and bags are subject to a one-year warranty covering defects in structure and hardware. Full details on our limited lifetime warranty are available here.

guitar Portrait

Breedlove have carved quite the niche for themselves in the guitar community. They work on the ethos of building lightweight, responsive guitars that are well crafted, feature innovative designs, unique materials and distinct aesthetics. Incorporating different woods, design techniques and sounds, Breedlove have continued to push their work in many styles all the while hitting a range of price points meaning they aren’t just for the rich and famous. As a taster I got to give the Oregon Dreadnaught a whirl… Read the full review.

Mixdown Magazine | 04.11.2015

Guitar Center visited the Breedlove booth at the 2016 Winer NAMM show and recorded this video review of the Oregon Series instruments.

Guitar Center | 01.02.2016

~~This is Charles, again.  I am the guy that bought the Oregon Series Breedlove from Troy, at Denham Music, on Jan. 3rd.  I emailed you before, when I registered the guitar and told you how pleased I was with it, then.  It has now been two months plus and I need to give you an update.
I am a music teacher (63 years old) and music has been my life since I was 10.  I started playing guitar when I got my first teaching job.  I was doing general music in a small school on the Oregon coast.  A friend of mine in college gave me four guitar lessons before graduation.  Since that time I have owned over 50 guitars.  This new Breedlove is the best of any of them! 
I play and sing at my first elementary school as the kids are arriving.  I am currently  the sixth grade band teacher for all of the elementary school in Klamath County.  I can't begin to tell you of all the comments and compliments that I received from the principal, teachers, staff, students and parents when I started play my new guitar, there.  Its tone quality it just phenominal.
I play my guitar and sing at church, when our organist cannot be there.  People in the congregation recognized that I had a new guitar before they even looked at it.  Our guy that runs the sound system is a musician and could not believe the fullness of the sound.
Finally, I performed for a fraternal order that I belong to.  I have played and sang for them before.  They are saying that I am like a fine wine...getting better with age.  I didn't tell them that I was just trying to keep up with the quality of sound from my guitar.
In short, thank you for making this amazing instrument.  I hope and pray that I can live another 40 years and continue to play and sing the music that has been such a huge part of my life.

Amazing instrument! |

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