Stage C25/SRe Guitars

The Stage C25/SR is a reinvention of the all time best-selling Breedlove AC25/SR, PLUS. It is a bold acoustic-electric concert ready to be plugged in and played out. The redesigned instrument is lighter, more resonant, and features an L.R. Baggs Stage Pro pickup with EQ, volume controls, notch filter, phase, and chromatic tuner with in-line mute. Kim Breedlove's redesigned Stage inlay is ready for stage lights.

Stage C25/SRe Specifications
Body Type Concert
Neck Wood Nato Mahogany
Solid Wood Top Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides East Indian Rosewood
Top Finish Gloss
Fretboard East Indian Rosewood
Nut Width 1 11/16"
Tuners Hardware Chrome Grover-Mini
Pickup LR-T CV

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The rapidly growing category of acoustic-electric guitars ranges from instruments that are basically electric guitars to acoustic models that include unobtrusive pickups. This is great news for guitarists, who can now choose from instruments suited for every playing situation.

In 2011 guitar plays around submitted their votes and guess who made the podium? The Breedlove Atlas Stage Series C25/SRe.

Atlas Stage Series C25/SRe Wins players choice awards |

"I just wanted to say that I purchased an atlas stage series here in Australia about 2 months ago. I have played for over 25 years and I have to say that it is the most beautiful quality and sounding guitar I have ever played in that time. It is simply beautiful, I compared it to M..., T......, and it came up Trumps. I don't think I will ever play anything but a Breedlove again. Keep up the great work!"

Happy Breedlove Player in Australia! |

"I went in to buy a M...., but fell in love with the Breedlove.  Beautiful design, great sound, and easy playability."

- T.H, Scottsdale, AZ

Fell in love with Breedlove |

"I walked into the store not planning to purchase anything, but I caught myself drawn to this guitar. I've played many guitars, everything from my high end O's, M's, T's, and a $15k handmade T.... I was blown away with the way this relatively inexpensive guitar sounds just as good, if not better than these guitars that cost so much more.
It plays like an O...., has the bright fingerpicking sound of a M...., and the strumming "chunk" of a T..... To me, that's a good deal.

I'm so content with this purchase, and I'm sure that it won't be the last time buying a Breedlove. I now plan to save up and come to Oregon to do the Extraordinary Experience week in the near future. Thanks for a GREAT instrument."

- M.C, Baton Rouge, LA

Drawn to the breedlove |

"I'd been shopping around for a couple of years while saving up my meager ill gotten gig gains. I've played a lot of guitars and I really liked the look and warm tone of the G..... I was also drawn to the bright distinct tone and sustain of the T's. I was in a little Guitar shop in Salt Lake when I ran across one of yours. I'm a bit of a maverick and I was looking for something unique. When I played it my wife said the look on my face was akin to the one I make during... well let's say... more intimate moments. At the risk of sounding cliche' it was love at first bite, a perfect fit for my playng style. Just exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!"

- S.O, Tremonton, UT

Played a lot of guitars... |

"I own a T...... for the past 5 years and it was my favorite guitar I thought I would never play another acoustic beside a T.... until I picked up a Breedlove.  I know Breedlove is a newer company so I thought I would give them a try.  Before I picked it up I gave it a shrug just because of price difference between the competition.  I picked it up closed minded.  Let me tell you something.  It Blew Me away.  The action on the Breedlove is amazing, my hands just glide up and down the neck.  You have to own a Breedlove.  ATTENTION:  M..... and T....... fans, There's a new kid in town."

- J.M, Manalapan, NJ

New kid in town |

"I'm a pastor/religion teacher and my first guitar was stolen so my students decided to help me buy a new one. I was at the store for about 5 hrs (not to mention the other times I would lose myself at guitar center) and I played M’s, T’s and everything else I could find. After feeling disillusioned with the price of the T's, I noticed the Breedlove’s hanging next to it. I'd never heard of the brand before then but when I played it, plugged and unplugged, the choice was made. I can't fully explain how gorgeous this guitar is. The sound and electronics are excellent and the price makes you think something must be wrong. The hard-shell case is also a beautiful piece of work. I am very pleased with my choice. Thanks."

- G.M, Escondido, CA

price makes you think something must be wrong |

"Well, for right now, I just want to commend you on a job well done.  I went to my local dealer with T..... in mind, but Breedlove stole the show for me!"

- C.J, Cumming, GA

Breedlove stole the show |

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