Stage D25/SRe Guitars

The Breedlove Atlas Stage D25/SRe is our rounded dreadnought shape developed in our Custom Design Center, offering powerful sound with an attractive aesthetic and broad appeal. It is a bold acoustic-electric dreadnought with state-of-the-art LR-T-CV electronics featuring chromatic tuner, phase, and EQ adjustments for presence, treble, middle and bass, delivering outstanding amplified tone. The D25/SRe also features Kim Breedlove's redesigned stage inlay pattern on the fretboard, offering a unique yet classy visual.

Stage D25/SRe Specifications
Body Type Dreadnought
Neck Wood Nato Mahogany
Solid Wood Top Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides East Indian Rosewood
Top Finish Gloss
Fretboard East Indian Rosewood
Nut Width 1-11/16"
Tuners Hardware Chrome Grover-Mini

guitar Portrait

"I have had my ac25/sr plus for a week now and just do not want to put it down. WOW WHAT A "KICKA#$ GUITAR.

- D.W.B


"I just wanted to say that I purchased an atlas stage series here in Australia about 2 months ago. I have played for over 25 years and I have to say that it is the most beautiful quality and sounding guitar I have ever played in that time. It is simply beautiful, I compared it to M..., T......, and it came up Trumps. I don't think I will ever play anything but a Breedlove again. Keep up the great work!"

Happy Breedlove Player in Australia! |

"After deciding to purcahse a guitar that I would play forever. Money was not an object. I played T's, M's, R's, G's, S's, etc....I kept going back to the Breedlove!!!

- K.M, Lombard, IL

Kept going back to breedlove |

"I have 12 acoustic guitars. This is definately my favorite. It plays 10 time better that my 714ce. I will never buy another brand of guitar, Breedlove forever for me. Nice job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- B.M, Russell, KY

Breedlove forever, for me |

"Like a lot of other people, I was looking at M's, L's and T's for my next acoustic guitar. Then I picked up a Breedlove. Without considering the price, I knew that my search was over. This is an absolutely great guitar."

- L, Tully, Alta Loma

My search was over |

"I went in the store ready to by a T...., but the Person helping me suggested I try a Breedlove.  I couldn't believe the sound and feel of your guitar.  I love my Breedlove."

- M.C, Victoria, TX

I love my breedlove |

"I was set on buying a T... until the guys at Guitar Center said I should give this guitar a try. I was blown away by its sound, its looks. I have played some $2,500 guitars from T... and other makers, and I have to say this guitar is equal to all of them, but at a much more family-friendly price. Great Job!"

- A.M,  Brownsburg, IN

Blown Away! |

"My pusrchase decision came down to this guitar and a T...... After playing them both, I couldn't put the Breedlove down."

- H.B, Ashburn, VA

Couldn't put the breedlove down |

"I went into the store leaning towards an O...., M....., or T......  The salesman was showing a Breedlove acoustic to a customer.  He happened to bring in the electric-acoustic, and when I saw and then heard the guitar, I fell in love with it.  The salesman explained that they just had the one acoustic, one electric-acoustic, and one twelve-string in stock.  He said he owns two Breedlove's and loved them.  I compared them to $500 to $2000 guitars at the store, and decided the $1000 Breedlove blew them all away.  The looks, the case, the sound, the playability, and the value are impossible to ignore.  Thanks for an awesome product at a super competitive price."

- R.P, Greer, SC

Awesome product at a super competitive price |

"This is a fantastic instrument. The salesperson compared to several mucher higher priced T's. Sound and resonance were what sold this instrument to me."

- A.G, Jacksonville, FL

This is a fantastic instrument |

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