Stage J350/EFe Guitars

The Atlas Stage J350/EF is a solid top acoustic electric guitar that takes advantage of the bold aesthetic and sound. Featuring Breedlove's bracing system with JLD bridge truss for sustain, the resonant and versatile extra-deep jumbo body sounds great acoustically and is brilliant when plugged in. This Breedlove guitar is big, ringy, powerful when pushed, and ready for any stage. The LR Bagg's Stage Pro pickup features volume, EQ, notch, filter, phase, and a stealthy chromatic tuner. Enjoy Kim Breedlove's redesigned Stage inlay pattern.

Stage J350/EFe Specifications
Nut Width 1 11/16"
Tuners Hardware Chrome Grover-Mini

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"I just bought my Breedlove and had no idea I would. I went my local large guitar shop with the intention to buy a T.... of which I have owned a few but when I played the Breedlove beside the T..... there was no comparison, same thing with the M..... I was looking at, not only did it sound better than both but it looks better as well all 3 guitars were comparible as far as money goes so my suggestion to anyone looking would be to blind fold yourself and add a Breedlove into your choice line I promise you it will be a suprise!!!!!"

no comparison |

"I just wanted to say that I purchased an atlas stage series here in Australia about 2 months ago. I have played for over 25 years and I have to say that it is the most beautiful quality and sounding guitar I have ever played in that time. It is simply beautiful, I compared it to M..., T......, and it came up Trumps. I don't think I will ever play anything but a Breedlove again. Keep up the great work!"

Happy Breedlove Player in Australia! |

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