Studio C250/SMe-12 Guitars

The Breedlove Atlas Series Studio C250/SMe-12 is a serious Breedlove acoustic electric concert body 12-string. Optimized for song writing, recording, and live stage performances, the C250/SM-12 is highly comfortable and enjoyable to play for long periods of time. The LR-T-CV pickup built with chromatic tuner, Phase, and EQ adjustments for the presence/treble/middle/ bass is easy to use and delivers outstanding amplified tone. Breedlove is known for building high-quality 12-string acoustic guitars that add value and a whole new level of tonal richness and the Studio C250/SMe-12 is no exception.

Studio C250/SMe-12 Specifications
Body Type Concert
Neck Wood Nato Mahogany
Solid Wood Top Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides Sapele Mahogany
Top Finish Gloss
Fretboard East Indian Rosewood
Nut Width 1 7/8"
Tuners Hardware Chrome Grover-Mini
Pickup LR-T CV

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"This is a very well made guitar that I enjoy playing every time I pick it up. I tried T's, M's, & TK's, but the Atlas felt right and had a very full and rich sound. My other guitars are getting lonely, cause I play my Atlas most of the time."

- D.A, Macedon, NY

My other guitars are getting lonely |

"This year I've been fortunate to acquire two Breedlove models; the Performance Focus and Atlas Studio 12 string. The quality and workmanship are second to none. After owning T's and O's guitars in the past I've been "blown away" by the unique sound and intonation of both Breedloves. They provide just the right balance of tone and power I've been looking for. In addition, the high level of customer service and attention to detail provided by your staff is an example for any industry to follow. Hope to visit Bend,OR in the future!"

- J.A, Boston, MA

The quality and workmanship are second to none |

I am not one to do reviews but I can’t help myself on just what I think of this guitar. I am not a professional player just a regular guy who likes to play guitar.

I was at my local Guitar Center store and was looking to buy a 12 that would not break the bank and sound like I paid a fortune for it. I went into the acoustic room and looked around I saw a M..., E.... and T... - some other brands as well. The T.... sounded good but just couldn’t justify the cost. One of the countermen said ” We have a used C250SM 12 Breedlove you need to check it out “. I have never heard of that brand. Let me tell you I DO NOW!!

You will not find a better 12 string guitar to play. It can be played for hours without fingers getting so sore that they hurt. Even when I don’t quite get my fingers to chord clean it still sounds good.

I tell every body that asks me what 12 I recommend, it is this one!

- T.G, USA

You will not find a better 12 string guitar |

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