Studio D25/SMe Guitars

The Breedlove Studio D25/SM from the Atlas series is a state-of-the-art acoustic-electric guitar that's ready to record with its powerful, thick woody-textured tones. The amazing L.R. Baggs LR-T CV Tuner Preamp is designed for serious performers with 3-band EQ, presence, phase, and a stealthy chromatic tuner. The Studio D25/SM combines award winning Breedlove design elements, balanced tonal signature, and high-quality manufacturing practices to bring you a highly affordable acoustic masterpiece for the studio with acoustic-electric command on stage.

Studio D25/SMe Specifications
Nut Width 1 11/16"
Tuners Hardware Chrome Grover-Mini

guitar Portrait

"I am new to the guitar world and I am still learning, but my friends play guitar all of the time. We went to guitar center and I played several guitars. It was between a H... and my Breedlove, and obviously I chose the Breedlove. It has a wonderful sound and is a lot easier to play than my old guitar. I love this guitar and will enjoy learning on it."

- K.S, Lancaster, OH

Great guitar to learn on |

"Am Very please with this guitar.  It is the best sounding guitar I have ever played.  Sounds better than a M.... Great playability and great apperance.   This is a flawless guitar, cannot find a fault with it.  Verry happy with my purchase."

- B.H, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Flawless guitar |

"I was a T.... player, or looking at becoming one.  But having played several Breedloves and now owning one, even though it is an Atlas series, I am a lifetime owner and player.  And I can't wait to try out your line of mandolins."

- N.A, Greeley, CO

Lifetime owner and player |

"I've been playing electric instruments for 40 years and always had an acoustic to write on because it didn't matter how it sounded.  Even M.... can be boring.  A salesman at Guitar Center in Brooklyn handed me the Breedlove I have now.  It's all I want to play. The tone is so beautiful and rich and full and crisp, that I have no other choice.  So all I want to say is thanks.  I never thought an instrument of this price could be inspiring.  Forget the price.  It's amazing."

- V.V, Brooklyn, NY

Forget the price. It's amazing |

"I had just sold my acoustic due to incompatibilty, I hated it and it hated me. I have been looking for another guitar and I had worked myself thru the different guitar manufactures, I was sitting in the store playing thru the various models of M's when the salesman asked if I would like to try a Breedlove.  Thats all it took, the guitar plays really well the tones both amped and un-amped are fantastic and with the price thats all it took."

- K.M, Highland, CA

tones both amped and un-amped are fantastic |

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