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Austin Cerny

Austin Cerny

Austin is originally from West Linn, Oregon. He discovered his passion for making acoustic instruments while pursuing his bachelors degree at the University of Oregon. After realizing he wanted to turn his passion into a career, he completed his degree then attended the Gallop School of Lutherie. After completing the Masters Luthier Program in 2013, he was hired at Breedlove Guitars. He currently works in Inlay, the Master Class neck department and the bracing department.

Favorite View in Bend: Any place I have a view of my girlfriend and 3 dogs.
Best live show you’ve seen? Tom Petty, Clapton, The Eagles, BB King and Lynyrd Skynyrd are my top 5.
Movie you could watch over and over: Young Frankenstein.
Most Sentimental Possession: I don’t have it anymore. The day I sold my first car I cried.
Most Useful Possession: I have a small CNC machine for making all kinds of things.
Obsession in Life: Guitars! I work a full day at the factory, then go home and make my own guitars. I love Jazz style achtop guitars.

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