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Chris Powell

Chris Powell

Chris is grew up in beautiful Bend, OR and in turn is raising his three amazing and talented kids here as well.  He loves the outdoor and spends most of his free time skiing, biking, paddle boarding, hiking, camping and wake boarding with friends. He says it’s all about, “living in the sunshine, swimming in the sea and drinking the wild air.”

Favorite meal in Bend: Zydeco
Favorite view in Bend: The Mountains!
Best live show? Rebelution at the Cutbert Amphitheater in Eugene
Movie you could watch over and over: RAD
Most sentimental possession: My skis
Most useful possession: My skis
Favorite craft beer: Goodlife IPA
Dream Vacation: Surf trip to Indonesia
Obsession in life: Skiing (Deep pow)
First album? Soundgarden
Biggest musical influence: Small pools
Favorite lake in Bend: Cultus

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