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Dod Mohr

Dod Mohr

As a man who can find a solution to just about any problem, Dod is the perfect person to run the Breedlove repair department. If an instrument seems too far gone to fix, check with Dod. If anyone can fix it, Dod can. Dod grew up in Portland, and served in the army as a radio teletype operator. He picked up the guitar while stationed in Germany, at age 20. When he returned to Portland, he got his first job in the luthiery world, working for renowned instrument maker Paul Schuback. One day, violinist Sergiu Luca came into the shop and played the Bergonzi violin they'd just serviced. As the sound of a world-class violinist playing an epic violin resonated throughout the workshop, Dod knew he was hooked for life. Luthiery would be his primary passion for life. Before he joined Breedlove in 1995, Dod worked in the repair shop at Gibson Guitars, and owned and ran a full-line music store in Newport, Oregon, as well as his own repair shop in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Like several craftsmen at Breedlove, Dod is an avid fly fisherman and has been tying his own flies since he was 12-years old. When not working, Dod can be found tricking fish with his masterful hand-tied flies, riding horses, working in his home shop, or being walked by his 175-pound Pyrenean mountain dog, Teddy.

Preferred mode of transportation: Horse
Obsession in life: Doing good work
Signature dish: Salsa
Is Elvis really dead? No
Favorite flower: Crocus
Favorite smell: Rain
How do you take your coffee? With Baileys
Items always in your fridge: Milk, eggs, beer, veggies
Unusual fact about your childhood: I worked on a garbage truck

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