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Ian Schellinkhout

Ian Schellinkhout

Ian was born in Ohio, but was raised in Oregon. He enjoys calling Bend home because of the outdoor opportunities and the beautiful scenic backdrop of the Cascade mountains. He really connected with woodworking for the first time in junior high, when he first learned to work with wood on a lathe. His early introduction to working on instruments came about while trying to learn how to repair his own instruments. Music has always been a driving force in his life. Speaking about music, Ian explains, " It has always represented important milestones of what I've accomplished. Especially when it comes to playing the bass. Many people think of the bass as a simplified guitar, but I like to show them otherwise." His favorite instruments to craft are any that utilize flitch match top and back sets. Ian explains, "its awesome to see a flat slab of wood turn into a 3-d box that looks the same from most angles."

Favorite meal in Bend: Baldy's brisket
Favorite band at the moment: Rush
Best live show you've seen: Al di Meola
Most sentimental possession: My bass
Favorite craft beer: Obsidian Stout
Biggest musical influence: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Musician you'd like to have over for dinner: Marcus Miller

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