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Jacob Dodd

Jacob Dodd

As a finish specialist, Jake has one of the more nerve-wracking positions in the shop. It takes a perfectionist with an eye for detail and a steady hand to apply the perfect finish to a Breedlove instrument, especially when the slightest mistake can inadvertently ruin a newly built instrument that has countless man-hours in it already. Jake takes it all in stride, he just has a knack for the job. He particularly enjoys watching the wood grain come to life during the lengthy finish process. Focusing on visual perfection comes easy to Jake; as an avid fly fisher, he's an expert at tying flies, which requires a similar focus and attention to visual detail. He's as particular about the perfect finish on Breedlove instruments as he is about tying the perfect fly.

Jake has lived in Bend since 2003, and takes advantage of the bevvy of fly fishing hot spots in Central Oregon. Jake grew up in Troutdale, Oregon, played the trumpet as a kid, and started rock climbing when he was 15. He switched from rock climbing to fly fishing after a close call on a cliff when he ""almost went splat.""  Jake holds a degree in sociology from Oregon State University, and managed the bar and theater at McMenamins in Bend prior to joining Breedlove.

Favorite meal in Bend: Baldy's BBQ
Obsession in life: Fly fishing
Dream vacation: The Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East
Favorite band at the moment: Fun.
First album you bought as a kid: 2 Live Crew
Movie you could watch over and over: Hot Tub Time Machine

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