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Jake Spece

Jake Spece

Jake works in the body department and holds the shop record for the most bodies built by one craftsman. Before joining the Breedlove team in 2007, Jake worked as a short-order cook. He says his experience in the kitchen was the ideal training ground for the intensity of the production environment; he learned how to work hard and remain cool under pressure. As a guitar player, he understands the importance of sound and follows production standards religiously to ensure his purpose-built bodies deliver the exact tonal qualities they're intended to have.

A Central Oregon native, Jake is the son of a welder and a piano player, and the grandson of a mandolin player – he has music and craftsmanship in his genes. Jake’s dad started teaching him to weld at the tender age of 7. When he was 14, Jake saved enough money moving pipe to buy a guitar from the local pawn shop; he learned five chords from a library book, and formed a band called The Kronk Men with two friends. They've been playing together since 1998. Jake can't believe it's been 15 years, as he said, "It's like we're the Rolling Stones of Central Oregon." He plays around Bend regularly and is known for his unconventional playing style. When not building bodies for Breedlove, or shredding on stage, Jake spends his time taking care of his family, skateboarding, and hanging out with his rad dog, Rudy.

Favorite meal in Bend: D+D Bar & Grill
Biggest musical influenc: Latin Beats, post-punk
First album you bought as a kid: Nirvana, “In Utero”
Best live show you’ve seen: Nick Cave, 2009, Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon
Favorite sound: Reverb-drenched electric guitar
What do you collect? Guitar effects boxes
Favorite adult beverage: Maker’s Mark
Favorite bands at the moment: T-Rex, Jesus Lizard, Daughters
Personal heroes? Dad, Mom, and Jimi Hendrix

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