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Jeff Chaney

Jeff Chaney

While Jeff was born in Kennewic, Washington, he's called Central Oregon home since age 4. He enjoys all the outdoors have to offer - hiking, fishing, camping and swimming - just to name a few. He's worked with wood for most of his life, but was eager to apply his skills to the creation of high end instruments. Regarding music, he views it as an excellent thing for brining people together. He own's a guitar, but would not call himself a big player. His favorite instrument is the Legacy Auditorium and he enjoys working with Myrtlewood as a tonewood.

Favorite view in Bend: Paulina Peak
Movie you could watch over and over: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Favorite adult beverage: Beer
Favorite craft beer: Chainbreaker white IPA
Obsession in life: Taking care of my family

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