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John Marshall

John Marshall

John has a metalsmithing, photography, and music production background, with a degree in music and the arts from Indiana University. As a string-up tech for Breedlove, John takes great pride in creating a guitar that lives up to Breedlove's reputation for the best quality in the world. One of John's favorite aspects of the job is putting the strings on a Breedlove for the very first time, and hearing the guitar being born. John grew up in Indiana, at which he began drumming at an early age, and switched to guitar, songwriting, and recording music at age 14. John enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter in beautiful Bend Oregon, writing and recording music in his studio, and backpacking and photographing the wilderness that surrounds the area.

Favorite band: Windir
Favorite view in bend: Tam McArthur Rim
Best live show: Opeth
Movie you could watch over and over: The Big Lebowski
Favorite craft beer: Ninkasi Total Domination
Dream vacation: backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail
Biggest musical influence: Burzum
Obsession in life (at the moment): Wilderness hiking and backpacking
Favorite hike in bend: Three Sisters Loop
Favorite Breedlove guitar: Oregon Series Dreadnought

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