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Breedlove Guitars

The Breedlove Vision

Handcrafting harmony in enhanced sound and tone, playability and exquisite design.

Our mission is straightforward: to handcraft the finest acoustic stringed instruments in the world. We do not replicate guitar designs of the past. At Breedlove, we’ve turned to scientific research to understand how sound energy is transmitted through tonewoods, how various elements in an instrument can best complement one another, how to design for playing comfort and how to meld every aspect of our instruments into extraordinarily exquisite musical and visual design.

Breedlove Heritage, Balanced Sound and Tone

25 years ago Larry and Kim Breedlove reinvented the guitar. New body shapes, thinner more playable neck designs, an asymmetrical headstock to balance string tension and the Breedlove Bridge Truss to enable the blooming of overtones for tonal balance and note-for-note clarity. Learn more about our history.


The connection between musician and instrument creates music. The energy a player feels with the vibration of the guitar body, the comfort of the body shape and how it fits the player, and the profile of the neck and fingerboard for playing ease and comfort—all of these factors impact the bond musicians develop with their instrument. We have thoughtfully engineered each aspect of our Breedloves with the purpose of connecting players to their instruments on every level.

Exquisite Design

We have searched the world over for the most exotic tonewoods that deliver extraordinary nuance in sound and magnificent intrigue in their grain figure and beauty. Our finishes are meticulously created to meld the contrasting color palate of an instruments back and sides with the more conforming grain of a guitar’s top wood. The craftsmanship of our rosettes, purflings, and fretboard inlays complement the elegance of Breedlove’s unique Concert, Auditorium, Concerto, Dreadnought and Parlor body designs. Learn more about our Craftsmen.

Breedloves for All Players

Breedlove also designs less expensive instruments that are produced in China. This enables us to apply many of our advancements in design to those instruments. You will find stunning exotic woods in our Stage Exotic and Pursuit Exotic Series, great songwriting capability with our rosewood Solo Series, and by far the best first guitar with our Discovery Series.

Breedlove instruments are a product of nature. Our scientific approach to understanding the unique gifts of the forests, the exquisite designs of our instruments and the seasoned craftsmanship of our craftsmen enable us to hand build the world’s finest acoustic stringed instruments. It’s called DISTINCTIVELY CRAFTED SOUND.