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Left Handed Guitars

Getting It Right…For Left Handed Players

For as long as guitars have been made, left-handed players have struggled when it comes to finding the perfect instrument. They’re often forced to choose from a small selection of instruments that any given manufacturer deems “worthy” of a lefty model. Or string a right-handed guitar upside down. Some have even resorted to learning to play right handed—something no player should ever have to compromise on. Can you imagine a naturally gifted athlete doing the same? Not likely.

At Breedlove we’re committed to getting it right for left-handed players, that’s why every USA-made Oregon Series guitar is available in a left-handed version at no additional cost. We want all players to have access to the same superb tonewoods, construction and handcraftsmanship we put into our American-made instruments, because great tone and exquisite playability shouldn’t be exclusive to right-handed players.

Dave Gulick of the Portland, OR band Derby knew the aforementioned left-hander’s dilemma all too well. Well into his professional career, Davie was still on the lookout for the perfect guitar when he heard about the Breedlove USA lefty program. We invited him to Bend to take part in the creation of his Oregon Dreadnought (something normally reserved for our custom-built instruments), where he met the craftsmen who would build it and selected the woods that would give it a voice. The result was a left-handed instrument that far exceeded his expectations.

Today, we’re proud to call Dave a Breedlove artist, and to know that our commitment to offering all our American-made instruments in left-handed models brought us together. If you are a left handed player interested in discussing a left handed USA made guitar, please contact us or visist our dealer locator to find a Breedlove dealer new you. We also have the following left handed version available in the import product offering lineup: Pursuit Concert CE LH, Discovery Concert LH