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Review: Passport B350/SMe-4 Acoustic Bass

Review: Passport B350/SMe-4 Acoustic Bass
Review by Gareth Morgan, Rosetti

With acoustic music gone mainstream once again, it's a fine time for bassists to make sure they will fit in when it comes to image as well as sound.

It's easy to imagine that the surge in interest in acoustic basses over the last four or five years is simple down to our adoption of the romantic notion of playing music outdoors on the metaphorical porch. The more practical minded will point to the improvements in design and build quality, which have led to more reliable, better sounding instruments - or to the fact that, after years of loitering on the periphery, those seeking to play low notes have finally come to see the acoustic bass as a legitimate tool that can serve some valuable musical purpose. While these instruments aren't geared towards every style of music, you can certainly practice on them with or without the aid of amplification.

Breedlove was established as a going concern by Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson in 1992 in Bend, Oregon. In 1994 Larry's brother Kim joined the fold and he remains with the company to this day, the sole survivor of the original trio and Breedlove's master luthier. Breedlove offers a wide range of acoustic guitars, both with and without cutaways…. Download and Read Full Review.