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We feel tremendous satisfaction knowing that players enjoy our guitars. In fact, we share all the review with our team in Bend, Oregon and we share them on the website. You can find testimonials on product pages, and we’ve also included a few below. If you own a Breedlove and would like to submit a testimonial, please do! We’d enjoy hearing from you.

Pursuit Concert Mahogany Guitar

I went into the store looking for a Martin played this guitar cause it was the same body shape I was looking for and it blew me away and sounded so much better than the Martin! I am loving this guitar and can't seem to put it down!

- James


Solo Series Guitars

Those guitars are wonderful and the resonance sells the instrument without the salesman opening his mouth.  Really, really special guitars. . . Thank you all so much for providing such terrific instruments, and in a very classy manner.

- Phil


Oregon Concert Burst

Just received a used Whiskey Burst Spruce/ Myrtle-Wood Oregon Concert as a gift. In the past 20 years I have owned Martin, Taylor, Larrivee, Maton, which are all fine guitars, but I just had to tell you what an incredible instrument this is. The fit, and finish, the playability, the look, and the tone! This wood is just perfect, the lows, the mids, the highs, it's all there. I'm a Breedlove convert! I love small body guitars, being a fingerstyle player, but always felt I had to sacrifice low end. This thing rumbles like a jumbo, but the clarity is still there. Your design is great, and your team has done a wonderful job. Something special is happening in Bend, Oregon.

- Todd


Oregon Concert

I've always felt that Ed Gehard is on my short list of best pickers and it's because of Ed that I first saw your instruments. Back in February I was riding my Triumph home from work and a was broadsided by a car that ran a stop sign breaking my ribs, four bones in my back fracturing my C-1 in my neck and just about destroying my right foot. I just got back to my job again Monday and after working for four hours I thought that I deserved a gift for surviving and went out to find a Eastman E20. The two dealers in town had sold out their stock this weekend here in Austin so feeling bad I stopped by the Guitar Center on the way home and saw a Oregon Concert on their wall. I now know it was fate that I didn't see or play what I was looking for because I now own the finest guitar in the world. Thank you for creating the perfect instrument.

- Jim


Custom D/20 Acoustic Guitar

My name is Art and I recently ordered a custom D20 Adirondack/Brazilian Breedlove guitar through Wolfe Guitars (the order was placed at the beginning of April). I received my guitar on July 1st.
I had certain expectations with this guitar, mostly because of the price and the reviews I had read about various Breedlove guitars. But when I got my guitar, those expectations were shattered. The first thing I noticed was the ridiculous amount of detail put into the guitar. Everything looks as good as it can possibly look -- the binding and purfling are seamless (and perfect in every way) and the finish is flawless. This thing is like a magnet to the eyes and it's hard to not just sit and pour over the details. Heck, I'm still finding new details that I didn't notice before.
When I got to the point where I could finally stop staring at it and start playing it, I noticed that it has an extremely comfortable neck, doesn't buzz anywhere and has perfect action, and I was amazed at the tone... when I got it, it sounded better than every guitar I had ever played... and after playing it for a while I put new strings on, and the tone improved even moreso. It's extremely balanced, and the bass notes are the richest I've heard.
I have yet to see another guitar with this kind of workmanship and tone. I live in North Dakota, far away (as far as I know or can find) from any Breedlove dealer. So I had to order it with nothing to go by but Internet reviews for various Breedlove guitars, recommendations, and Youtube videos. I had never played or seen a Breedlove guitar in person... I took a huge chance on you guys... especially when you factor in that I saved up for over a year to be able to afford it (you read that right, I'm not rich, I had to save up for a loooong time). Now thanks to the care put into the making of it, I have this insane guitar (maybe a better word for it would be "unreal"). It is quite a feeling to be the owner of a guitar better than any I've seen, and I very much doubt I will ever see its equal.

Please tell the people who built my guitar that I'm extremely thankful they took such care in making it. They made me a die-hard Breedlove fan by doing so. I sadly only know the name of one of the people that made it (Erika told me that Jason from finishing put it to the head of the line to make sure the finishing would get done before he went on vacation, which I'm extremely grateful for). But I just want to make sure that all the people that made my guitar know that I could not be happier with it.
So thank you all for making such a fine guitar!


Dream Guitar!

As far as loving my new Breedlove? Man, it's just exactly what I wanted. So balanced, so beautiful, it's just an all around joy. Can't wait to record with it, but I spend all my free Time just focusing on enjoying playing thanks to Breedlove for making me my dream guitar! Cheers!