Custom Cocobolo Acoustic Guitar

This concert body guitar features standard body depth crafted with exotic cocobolo and sinker redwood. With a soft cutaway to access the higher notes, it is bound in red bloodwood and features a linear fusion inlay and spoked abalone rosette. This stunning cocobolo custom instrument was designed and built for Bullfrog Music.

Sinker Redwood Top: Redwood is a dark, beautiful top wood favored by fingerstyle players who appreciate clear upper harmonic content. Sinker redwood is a special type of redwood that comes from logs that were submerged in oxygen-free environments in the bottom of lakes or ocean waters, yielding darker, more striped, and often stiffer and lighter wood. Bold, punchy, crisp tones, with rich, strong overtones. Like a cross between spruce and cedar. Coloration can range from a light pinkish brown to a deep reddish brown. Learn more about the exotic tonewoods.

Exotic Cocobolo Back and Sides: Cocobolo is dark, and dense, with a bright, clear, sustaining voice and a tone that is very similar to the best rosewood. Provides well-balanced tone with power, sustain and volume. Responsive, with clear, slow-decaying harmonics and a well-articulated and complex low end. Similar to Brazilian rosewood with a little less bass and more pronounced treble. Rich brown-red coloration with black streaks. Considered the closest tonally and aesthetically to Brazilian rosewood. Learn more about the exotic tonewoods.

The Concert Body Shape: The Concert is our most popular body shape, favored by players because it is well-balanced, compact, comfortable to play, and offers all the qualities of a great sounding guitar. It generates a wonderfully articulate range of tone with an ample low end that is never boomy, but always felt. The Concert works well when played fingerstyle, as vocal accompaniment, or at a full strum. Learn more about the body shapes.