A20-SBR Custom Guitar (Musicstorelive.com)

A20-SBR-cst_2In designing our Custom Auditorium Brazilian guitar we were looking to honor Breedlove’s heritage by choosing the gorgeous, modern, and unique body style that they’ve created in their auditorium guitar, while paying homage to some of the most classic and treasured wood choices for acoustic guitar. ┬áCertified Brazilian Rosewood is not only extremely rare, but it’s one of the richest sounding tone woods on the planet. ┬áPaired with a gorgeous bearclaw sitka spruce top, this guitar will not only sound incredibly rich, but it will be a visually stunning piece and the centerpiece of any guitar player’s collection. Contact Musicstorelive.com to learn more about this instrument.

Auditorium Body Shape: The Breedlove Auditorium is the sonic mid-point between our Concert and Jumbo body shapes. Its depth and lower bout combined with its upper body cutaway produce the articulation of the Concert, with tonal depth reminiscent of the larger-bodied Jumbo. An extremely versatile instrument, the Auditorium casts a nod into dreadnought territory while also accommodating alternate tunings, fingerstyle and bold strumming. These characteristics make the Auditorium an outstanding platform for Breedlove 12-string guitars as well. Learn more about this and other Breedlove guitar body shapes here.

Sitka Spruce Top Wood: Sitka spruce is grown in the northwest, and has been the primary top wood for U.S.A. instruments for many decades. It is strong, light, and gives an extended harmonic content and nearly equals the power of Adirondack. Learn more about Stika Spruce here.

Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides: Brazilian rosewood is highly desirable, exceptionally rare and heavily regulated. It is regarded as one of the finest tonewoods; hard, stiff, and highly resonant with a glass-like ring that sustains; it has a floral scent, similar to roses, thus the name. Learn more about Brazilian Rosewood here.