C25-AMYe Custom Guitar

C25-AMYE-CUSTOM_1Concert Body Shape: The Concert is our most popular body shape, favored by players because it is well-balanced, compact, comfortable to play, and offers all the qualities of a great sounding guitar. It generates a wonderfully articulate range of tone with an ample low end that is never boomy, but always felt. The Concert works well when played fingerstyle, as vocal accompaniment, or at a full strum.

Adirondack Top: Adirondack spruce has been the choice of bluegrass pickers for decades, and seems to add power to any guitar design. If it’s loud you want, Adirondack is for you. Adirondack is even more dynamic than Sitka spruce, and has a higher ceiling for volume. You can strum an Adirondack-topped guitar aggressively without distorttion or loss of clarity. Pre-WWII-era guitars were defined by Adirondack. Today, this tonewood still enjoys immense popularity with players and collectors alike. Over harvesting led to a shortage of supply until recently, when a new generation of trees began reaching maturity.

Swamp Myrtlewood Back and Sides: Myrtlewood offers a strong fundamental with a powerful voice. Grown in the northwest, it is a favorite for many styles of playing and is used primarily for back and sides. This wood set is from a reclaimed log of Myrtlewood out of a body of water that led to it’s unique coloring.

Other Custom Notes: Spalted Maple elements of top purfling, rosette, inlay, and logo.

Available at The Guitar Sanctuary