Cody Coggins Custom Guitar – Cocobolo and Sitka Spruce Dread

cody-coggins-custom-guitar4Dreadnought Body Shape: Regarding the body shape, Cody explains, “A well crafted dreadnought can inspire songs you never thought you’d write, and I wanted mine to be one of a kind.” Breedlove set out to enhance the traditional dreadnought sound, and the results are evident. If you’re inspired by the familiarity of a dread, but are looking for more nuance and richness than usual, the Breedlove Dreadnought delivers. The shape is slightly more rounded than traditional dreadnoughts and produces beautifully full, punchy, and articulate tones. It also provides excellent projection and articulation, so it excels in any ensemble. The hand-graduated top provides the balance and clarity that make this one of the most innovative and expressive-sounding dreadnoughts on the market.

Sitka Spruce Top: Sitka spruce is grown in the northwest, and has been the primary top wood for U.S.A. instruments for many decades. It is strong, light, and gives an extended harmonic content and nearly equals the power of Adirondack. Strong, focused tone with a solid fundamental — perfect for flatpicking styles. Usually takes a slightly longer period of playing time to open up. When compared with Eurpean spruce, Sitka delivers warmer, more fundamental sound, largely free of overtones.

Cocobolo Back and Sides: Cocobolo is dark, and dense, with a bright, clear, sustaining voice and a tone that is very similar to the best rosewood. Provides well-balanced tone with power, sustain and volume. Responsive, with clear, slow-decaying harmonics and a well-articulated and complex low end. Similar to Brazilian rosewood with a little less bass and more pronounced treble.

About Cody Coggins: Born in Live Oak, Texas and now residing in San Antonio, Cody has been a musical prodigy since the age of 4. Piano was the first instrument he took to beginning classical and jazz lessons at 5 years old. Cody has played thousands of recitals and competitions over the years but he found a new itch. While continuing to develop as a piano player, he decided at the age of 15 to pick up the guitar. His father, Bill, was a proficient guitar player and songwriter and his uncle, Barry, was a touring singer-songwriter out of Nashville. His first guitar was an old beat up 6- string that his dad had been given years before. Cody soon became quite the guitarist and songwriter himself and decided he needed to buy a better guitar. The first guitar he bought was a Breedlove because he loved the way it sounded. With his new guitar, Cody played any open mic or acoustic performance he could. His songs were becoming popular not only with his friends but with regulars at the open mics he played. Finally, after years of solo performance, he decided to turn the solo acoustic act into a full band. Enter Band of Bandits, teaming up with a high school friend and former jazz band drummer Dustin as well as two veterans to the game, former Jack Levitt members, Ernie and Bob. Cody now plays many instruments including piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. Read more about Cody Coggins here.