Custom Adirondack & Figured Sapele Dreadnought Guitar (PO#10631)

custom-guitar-dreadnought-spruce-breedlove_4Adirondack Spruce Top: Adirondak spruce has been the choice of bluegrass pickers for decades, and seems to add power to any guitar design. If it’s loud you want, Adirondack is for you. Adirondack is even more dynamic than Sitka spruce, and has a higher ceiling for volume. You can strum an Adirondack-topped guitar aggressively without distorttion or loss of clarity.

Figured Sapele Back and Sides: Sapele is similar both visually and tonally to dense mahogany, but both darker and harder, giving it a strong visual presence and a bit more upper harmonic content and low-end clarity. It’s a good choice for many sizes and shapes, and works well for strumming and fingerstyle. Very similar to mahogany, but slightly brighter, with a little extra treble zing and more sparkle and depth.

Dreadnought Body Shape: The Breedlove Dreadnought is slightly more rounded than traditional dreadnoughts, producing beautifully full, punchy, and articulate tones. The Dreadnought appeals to players inspired by the familiarity of a dreadnought, who are looking for nuance and richness from their instrument. The Breedlove Dreadnought projects well, so it excels in an ensemble, and yet retains the refinement needed for vocal accompaniment.

Story: Inspired by a guitar Breedlove built for Ed Gerhard this is the last Revival Dreadnought built by Breedlove.  It combines Masterclass appointments with powerful tonewoods that speak to Ed’s unique style of playing.