Custom in the Build: Rene’s OM/RZ Guitar

Rene wanted the incredibly rich tone combination of redwood and ziricote found in our Phoenix model, but with the high-volume Revival Orchestra body type. His custom guitar features a deeper body than our standard Revival OM to gain the balance of a small-body guitar and enhance low-end response. Rene purposefully chose a toned-down aesthetic so that the gorgeous zircote and the redwood sets could shine as the primary visual art.

General Copy
: Rene selected a stunning custom-stack sinker redwood and ziricote combination for the body of his custom OM/RZe custom guitar. This fine instrument will be bound in bloodwood with a bold herringbone top purling, slotted focus diamonds, Anthem SL pickup and Waverly gold 4067G tuners.

Woody Copy:

Redwood, sequoia sempervirens, is a dark, beautiful top wood favored by fingerstyle players who appreciate clear upper harmonic content. Sinker redwood is a special type of redwood that comes from logs that were submerged in oxygen-free environments in the bottom of lakes or ocean waters, yielding darker, more striped, and often stiffer and lighter wood.

Ziricote, cordia dodecandra, is similar visually to Brazilian rosewood, but with dark grays and olive greens instead of warm browns and rich chocolates. Tonally it is similar to striped ebony, but brighter, with deep boomy sound with sparkly highs. It is known for low dampening qualities, similar to most rosewoods, with rich basses and clear trebles. Zircote produces more clarity than Indian rosewood, but provides more overtones than Macassar ebony. Striking in appearance, this wood often features a “spider-webbing” figure.  A slow growing tree, Ziricote is found in tropical deciduous forests, usually at low elevations, but occasionally at elevations up to 1,500 feet in the mountains. While not technically a rainforest tree, it does need at least 40 inches of rainfall annually.