Custom Options

When it comes to choosing all the various options for your custom instrument, the possibilities are endless. You’ll be choosing a top wood, a body wood, binding, purfling, inlays, sound-hole design, and many other components. Maybe you’re drawn to the mystique of Brazilian rosewood, and the history of Port Orford cedar. They’re yours for the asking. Perhaps turquoise is your favorite stone and you’re an amateur beekeeper, so you want a turquoise inlay of bees and a honeycomb across your fretboard. No problem, we can do that. You’ve always wanted a koa rosette? We’ve got you covered.

Getting inspired? Ready to start choosing the options for your one-of-a-kind instrument? We have a wide variety of custom options available. Click the following link to download the 2016 Custom Options List.

Use the Custom Builder Tool to design your dream guitar and get an instant quote.