A25/POM Custom: Port Orford Cedar & Mahogany Guitar

CUSTOM-A25-POM-custom-spruce-top-guitar-imageThis custom shop guitar was crafted from Port Orford Cedar and Mahogany by the Breedlove craftsmen in Bend, Oregon.

Port Orford Cedar: This tonewood known for its highly fragrant ginger aroma. Due to the straightness of its grain, it is also one of the preferred woods for arrow shafts. Learn more.

Mahogany Back and Sides: Mahogany is a medium-lightweight wood, ranging in color from light brown to dark, primarily used for necks because of the feel and the stability it provides. Learn more.

Auditorium Body Shape: The Breedlove Auditorium is the sonic mid-point between our Concert and Jumbo body shapes. Its depth and lower bout combined with its upper body cutaway produce the articulation of the Concert, with tonal depth reminiscent of the larger-bodied Jumbo. An extremely versatile instrument, the Auditorium casts a nod into dreadnought territory while also accommodating alternate tunings, fingerstyle and bold strumming. These characteristics make the Auditorium an outstanding platform for Breedlove 12-string guitars as well. Learn more about body shapes.

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