Moore Music C25/RKe Cst

Brett Mulzer, owner of Moore Music in Evansville, Indiana, visited our Custom Design Center in Bend, Oregon and designed a fantastic C25 built with truly unique woods. The top is a sinker redwood top. Sinker redwood is reclaimed redwood pulled out of a river after sinking during transport on the river following harvest. During submersion, the wood drew minerals into the wood fibers creating unique colorization. The koa back and sides are dubbed “retirement koa.” The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the harvester of the koa tree declared he could retire on the proceeds of that koa due to the high figure and color variation. Finished with a subtle semi-gloss finish, the guitar is highlighted by a striking bloodwood bind on the neck, body and soundhole. The tribal Northwest inlay on the fingerboard completes the build.

Concert Body
The Concert is our most popular body shape, favored by players because it is well-balanced, compact, comfortable to play, and offers all the qualities of a great sounding guitar. It generates a wonderfully articulate range of tone with an ample low end that is never boomy, but always felt. The Concert works well when played fingerstyle, as vocal accompaniment, or at a full strum.

Top – Sinker Redwood
 Redwood, sequoia sempervirens, originates in the coastal mountains of Northern California, United States. Redwood is a dark, beautiful top wood favored by fingerstyle players who appreciate clear upper harmonic content. Sinker redwood comes from logs that were submerged in an oxygen-free environment, in the bottom of lakes or ocean waters, yielding darker, more striped, and often stiffer and lighter wood. The tone is bold, punchy, and crisp, with rich, strong overtones. It sounds like a cross between spruce and cedar. Coloration can range from a light pinkish brown to a deep reddish brown.

Back/Sides – Koa
Koa, acacia koa, originates in the Hawaiian Islands. Koa is one of the most visually stunning tonewoods available, with golden hues and often-dramatic figure. It is characterized by a tone that is both clear and sweet with a voice that grows sweeter over time. Limited supply of the tonewood has driven up prices in recent years, and it is therefore rarely found in production guitars. The tone is clear and sweet. Koa has the clarity of rosewood, but with the warm, light tones of mahogany and opens up over time, the more the instrument is played, expanding the midrange, for an even richer, sweeter tone. The colors range from brown to gold, with rich and varying grain, tending toward curl or flame figure in old-growth trees.