Exodus Guitar


When Kim Breedlove was tasked with creating an exquisite instrument to showcase the company’s expertise, he recalled a mass snake migration that he witnessed in his youth. To bring to life his vision of snakes emerging from hibernation, Kim first spent time exploring this idea on paper, working with pen and ink. 

Kim cut his linear drawing into separate components with a razor and then glued each paper component to sections of shell. Using the ink as an outline, he finely cut each piece with a jeweler’s saw. The shell snakes were inlaid into the figured ebony fingerboard using an assortment of pearl and abalone shell, further detailed with red, green and orange pinstripes. Once in place, Kim hand-etched the stunning inlay to further enhance the detail of the design. 

The unique rosette features iridescent snakes emerging from the soundhole, breaking out beyond the traditional rosette boundary. To achieve this effect, Kim first inlaid the snakeheads and bodies into a piece of ebony, and then inlaid the assembly into the koa top, allowing the emerging snakes to flow into and over the detailed purfling rings of the rosette. 

The body, neck and headstock of the Exodus guitar are bound with ebony, bordered with black pearl and flanked by purflings of abalone and dyed wood veneer.