Selecting tonewoods is the foundation of designing your distinctively crafted sound. Each species has special attributes that contribute to its own seductive appeal: the tap tone, the physical appearance, the firmness and density, or the gentle way the wood gives when you press your fingernail into the surface. And every piece of wood within a species has a unique aesthetic appearance: the figure, the variations between light and dark, the subtle striations, all of which contribute to the unique look and feel of an instrument.


The time you invest in understanding what makes each species of wood special will pay off in spades when you have a guitar in your hands with a sound that you’ve designed, unique to you and your style of playing. Whether you’re a wood fanatic or just beginning to understand the different aural qualities of various tonewoods, we’ve compiled a list here to help you more clearly understand the contribution of each wood to performance, sound and overall voice. Once you’ve selected a few woods that feel right, visit our Tone Test Page and take a listen to the finalists on your list to help you choose exactly the right top and body woods.


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