Wood Profile: Engelmann Spruce


Engelmann spruce is a silky pale spruce, similar in color to European spruce. It responds best to a light touch and light strings.

Latin Name: picea engelmannii

Origin: western North America

Tone Profile: Warm bass response with great projection. Its extreme lightness in weight produces a ringier and more open sound than Sitka spruce. Tonally, it falls between European spruce and cedar. Requires less playing time to open up than European spruce.

Comparison: Vibrates with developed overtones and is “ringier” than Sitka. consistent coloring, its tight grain patterns, and its light weight. It produces guitar tops that project louder than many other woods, and it is used in extremely high end guitars. It offers a middle ground between Euro Spruce and Cedar. It plays in very quickly and gives a spruce like treble. It is a softer wood and will yield good basses right away also.

Aesthetics: Very light in color. Known for its consistent coloring and tight grain patterns.

Trivia / Fact:Charles Parry collected picea engelmannii in the 1860s and named it to honor his friend and botanical colleague, George Engelmann, a St. Louis physician and botanist. Engelmann’s personal botanical collection became the core of the world-famous Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.

Engelmann Spruce Images