Wood Profile: Madagascar Rosewood


Madagascar rosewood is a beautiful wood, visually and tonally, and is often thought of as a substitute for Brazilian. It delivers crisp, bold tones, good sustain, and striking beauty.

Latin Namedalbergia baroronii

Origin: Madagascar

Tone Profile:   Provides a dark and bell-like overtone with a slow response. Great bass response, with an equally dynamic high-end not found in East Indian rosewood.

Comparison: Maddie may yield a bit more midrange bloom than East Indian, although it’s typically not quite as full as Ovangkol.

Aesthetics: Ranges from a light yellowish brown to a darker orange or reddish brown. Darker black streaks are common, and can produce a grain figure. It can exhibit wild landscape-like figuration, often compared to spider webbing, much like Brazilian rosewood and ziricote.

Trivia / Fact: The Mahafale people use it for carving traditional art. In the past, it was used exclusively for the construction of homes for African royalty.

Madagascan Rosewood Images