Wood Profile: Maple


Western Big Leaf Maple

Western big leaf maple is great for standing out among other instruments. With a powerful fundamental and even harmonics, it is clear and present, but without pronounced peaks and valleys in the harmonic content. It’s a great top wood for strumming and is often used on big-bodied guitars.

Latin Name: acer macrophyllum

Origin: U.S.A.: western

Eastern Hard Rock Maple

Eastern hard rock maple has crisp, dry overtones, and sits well in the mix. Compared to big leaf maple, it is crisper, more resonant and brighter.

Latin Name: acer saccharum

Origin: U.S.A.: eastern

Aesthetics: close-grained, uniform texture

Backstory: Hard rock maple wood is very durable and has an excellent resistance to abrasion, indentation and shock.

Maple Images