Wood Profile: Redwood


Redwood is a dark, beautiful top wood favored by fingerstyle players who appreciate clear upper harmonic content. Sinker redwood is a special type of redwood that comes from logs that were submerged in oxygen-free environments in the bottom of lakes or ocean waters, yielding darker, more striped, and often stiffer and lighter wood.

Latin Name: sequoia sempervirens

Origin: U.S.A.: coastal mountains of Northern California

Tone Profile: Bold, punchy, crisp tones, with rich, strong overtones. Like a cross between spruce and cedar.

Aesthetics: Coloration can range from a light pinkish brown to a deep reddish brown.

Trivia / Fact: In 2006, a redwood measuring 379 feet was discovered Redwood National Park. Known as Hyperion, it is officially the world’s tallest living thing. Its exact location has not been revealed to the public for fear of upsetting the local ecosystem.

Redwood Images