Wood Profile: Striped Ebony (Macassar)


Striped Macassar ebony coloration is nearly black, with brown streaks. Tonally, Macassar ebony is powerful, clear, and has a slightly dark tonality that lends extra power to bass response.

Latin Name: diospyros celebica

Origin: Indonesia

Tone Profile: Strong bass and lower mids. Clear, responsive highs and a slightly scooped midrange. Usually takes a slightly longer period of playing time to open up.

Aesthetics: Striped ebony is the rarest and most prized of the Macassar ebonies and features a white or tan background with high-contrast black striping.

Backstory: Ebenum: An evergreen that grows mostly in southern India and Sri Lanka.  Crassiflora: a lowland rainforest tree that grow primarily in western Africa.

Trivia / Fact: Strong, heavy, and hard, Macassar ebony has an average specific gravity of about 1.09, which means that it actually sinks in water.


Striped Ebony Images