Wood Profile: Walnut (claro, black)


Walnut has a very even response curve. From the dramatic curly figure of claro walnut to the straight grain of black walnut, this tonewood offers a strong, clear fundamental, with clear harmonics.

Latin Name: juglans hindii (claro walnut)

Latin Name: juglans nigra (black walnut)

Tone Profile: Tight lows, strong mids, with fat, even treble tones and lots of sustain. Warm and earthy with the overtone depth of rosewood the clarity of mahogany. Brighter than mahogany, but not quite as bright as maple.

Aesthetics: Coloration varies from black and orange contrasts to the usual chocolate walnut tones.

Trivia / Fact: First discovered by the English Botanist Richard B. Hinds in the Sacramento Valley, it is the favorite wood of many luthiers and has been described as “the mahogany of the rich.”


Walnut Images