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Custom Options

Download the 2018 Custom Options List.

Custom Options List

Strap Button Installation

When adding a strap button to your Breedlove guitar or mandolin, it's important to place the button in the right location. Use these diagrams to help you find the proper location for drilling.

Download pdf Guide

String Gauges

Breedlove String Specifications

Breedlove instruments leave the shop with the following strings installed.   

Custom Shop Concert and Auditorium, Revival OM and 000   
All Breedlove International Product Models

D’Addario EXP16   
Phosphor-Bronze, Coated, Light Gauge   
.012, .016, .024, .032,.042, .053"   

Custom Shop Dreadnoughts & Jumbos, Revival Dreadnought
D’Addario EXP17   
Phosphor-Bronze, Coated, Medium Gauge   
.013, .017, .026, .035, .045, .056"   
Ed Gerhard Models: .013, .017, .024, .032,.042, .053"   

Twelve-Strings (Custom Shop & International Product)
D’Addario EXP38   
Phosphor-Bronze, Coated, Light Gauge   
.010/.010, 014/.014, .023/.008, .030/.012, .039/.018, .047/.027"

Nylon-String Guitars
D’Addario EJ44*
Classical Hard Tension   
.029, .032, .041, .030, .036, .044"

Atlas Acoustic Basses
D’Addario EXPPBB170   
Phosphor-Bronze, Coated, Soft Gauge   
.045, .065, .080, .100" (and .130" for five-string models)   

Electric Guitars (Mark Series)
D’Addario EXL140   
Nickel Wound, Light Top/Heavy Bottom   
.010, .013, .017, .030, .042, .052"   

D’Addario EXP74   
Phosphor Bronze, Coated, Medium Gauge   
.011/.011, .015/.015, .026/.026, .040/.040"   

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Artist Interest

Thank you for your interest in Breedlove Guitars. In order to qualify as a Breedlove Artist you must show proof of regularly scheduled performances and have recorded or are working to record an album using a personally owned Breedlove guitar.  To be considered, please download this application and submit it along with your most recent recordings, biographical information, photos, press clippings & schedule of upcoming performances.

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your materials. If you qualify for the program we will send additional information detailing instrument availability and options. In order to be listed on our site as a Breedlove Performing Artist we will require reciprocal postings on your website or social networking sites with a link back to our company's site.

Download Artist Application