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Acoustic Magazine Review: Breedlove Oregon C20 Acoustic Guitar

April 20, 2014 by Guy Little True to its name, Breedlove shows that there is much to adore with its line of sustainable beauties. Alun Lower falls head over heels…. There’s no denying that sustainable […]

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Harmony Central Reviews: Breedlove Studio Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

By Ara Ajizian | August 01, 2014 For me, the acoustic bass is an instrument that has never seemed to click. I’ve played several over the years that I enjoyed, but never could find one that provided the […]

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Breedlove FF and KO Mandolin Review: Vintage Guitar Magazine

By Steven Stone | Vintage Guitar Magazine Unlike luthiers who re-create classic designs, Kim Breedlove prefers new ideas and cutting-edge aesthetics. Breedlove’s FF and KO mandolins combine unique visual style with superb build quality. For […]

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Incredible Discovery: Music & Sound Retailer Reviews the Breedlove Discovery Series Guitars

Overview: Breedlove’s Discovery Series Specifics: Breedlove Stringed Instruments presents the 2014 Discovery Series, designed in Bend OR. The well-designed, easy-to-play Discovery models were created to support newcomers to the instrument. They boast many of the features found […]

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Acoustic Guitar Reviews the Breedlove Legacy Auditorium

BY ADAM PERLMUTTER Before playing a note on Breedlove’s new Legacy Auditorium, I notice the guitar is vibrating excitedly to the sounds of music played at a moderate volume on my desktop speakers. I take […]

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