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The Custom Shop

The Custom Shop

The Breedlove Custom Shop in Bend, Oregon transforms acoustic fantasies into resonant realities. Our team of world-class luthiers, builders, and designers invite you to imagine your desert island combination of body shape and exotic tonewoods,—all meticulously married with our exclusive Sound Optimization process to ensure that your guitar sounds as good as it looks. Take $500 off any USA-Made guitar during our Summer Upgrade Event.

Design Your Custom Breedlove

When you design your own Breedlove, we invite you to dream, design, and spec a custom Breedlove anytime, using our new custom builder. Submit as many designs as you like. Dream. Go wild. And, when you are ready, let’s build your dream guitar!

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Legacy Series


You want to leave your mark. We all do. Breedlove’s luthiers grab life. They bring the same passion to woodworking and craftsmanship that they do to cycling the Pinedrops trail, skiing Mt. Bachelor and rafting the Deschutes River. The Legacy series, made in Bend, is full of that life—deep draughts of air and high desert sunshine. It’s an honor, they say, not an obligation, to pair exotic tonewoods in exciting combinations; to determine how each individual piece works in concert with another; to create masterful instruments that ring with the sights and sounds of the forest, and with the soul of both builder and player. Each Legacy, refined and tuned through Sound Optimization®, is housed in a deluxe Breedlove hard case, and equipped with responsive LR Baggs Anthem electronics. Make your mark.

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Premier Series

Tone first. Breedlove’s professional grade Premier series brings traditional U.S. crafting and tried and true tonewoods to a contemporary, technologically advanced, hand-voiced, Sound Optimized ® instrument at a remarkably competitive price.

Define your approach with a choice of three distinctive, classic tops—the warmth of redwood, the eternal sparkle and definition of Sitka spruce, or the fabled dynamic power of Adirondack spruce.

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Oregon Series

With its hypnotic, variegated color patterns and unique sonic clarity, melding, somehow, the best aspects of rosewood, mahogany and maple, myrtlewood would qualify as one of the great exotic tonewoods. But it’s native! It grows—gnarled, strong and beautiful—on Oregon’s rainy, windswept Pacific coast, just 90 miles from Bend. Breedlove, in fact, led the charge in using myrtle for fine guitars, and that proud lineage continues with the best-selling Oregon series. Denser than Sitka spruce, myrtlewood—as a result of Sound Optimization®—can be planed and sanded even thinner, releasing more energy for a balanced profile alive with bass, midrange and treble in equal measure. Each is equipped with LR Baggs  electronics and comes with a deluxe Breedlove hardshell case.

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