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Bill Hall began playing the guitar at the age of ten and was soon playing in bands and teaching guitar in his teens. A real lover of music…Bill draws upon a wide range of influences and styles. He started out by studying all the guitar greats…listening and learning their music note for note and soon was drawn into learning music from many different genres and cultures. His style is a blend of all the styles and influences he loves like Rock, Spanish, Classical, Jazz and Blues.

Bill performs solo on a nylon string acoustic guitar playing his original compositions and his unique versions of cover songs with an emphasis on melodic improvisation. Bill has appeared in Guitar Player and Guitar World Magazines and has taken first place in guitar competitions. An avid player…he plays for hours every day and is always trying to find new things in his instrument.

He has a busy year ahead in 2019 bringing his first recording of an all instrumental album on his nylon string guitar. The album will feature many of the songs he performs live. He also performs with and is in the process of recording an album with the singer-songwriter NE Ohio based band Before the Shine…which will also have an album out later in 2019.

Bill teaches guitar at the Music Farm in Canton Ohio.