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Featured Artist Jesse Kramer

Breedlove is proud to introduce Jesse Kramer as the third Featured Artist of 2019. Throughout the month, we will be posting media and updates from Jesse on social media - so please follow along! We recently had the chance to catch up with Jesse for this exclusive interview:

Breedlove:    What is the earliest musical moment that you can remember in your life?

Jesse Kramer:     I grew up in the church, and my family always had music playing or were singing

Breedlove:    Was your family musical? Who first brought music into your life?

Jesse Kramer:    I would say, my grandmother. Music's has always been in our family. Her dad actually passed down an old guitar to her, and that's what we learned on, and so she taught me and brought the guitar to light. I learned how to sing and play by watching her.

Breedlove:    Right on! Was the guitar the first instrument you started playing, and if so, when did you first pick it up?

Jesse Kramer:    I would say vocals were the first instrument. Then, the guitar became a big deal to me and a big part of my life. The guitar was almost second nature. Just a part of me. I started picking up the guitar when I was ten years old, and I've been playing ever since.

Breedlove:    Your vocals being your first instrument, did you always sing in your voice or did it take some time to find?

Jesse Kramer:    I’ve always sung like me - I guess as I’ve aged my sound has too. I’ve always sung like me. But it takes time to develop your own voice.

Breedlove:    Was there a particular moment during your musical journey when a light bulb went off, and you thought, "This is something I could devote my life too?”

Jesse Kramer:    I've always just known. I think it was always something that I felt I was made to do, to play music, and when I first got a guitar in my hands… it was the last piece of the puzzle. Playing music has always been there.

Breedlove:    What’s your favorite genre to play and perform?

Jesse Kramer:    Man, I love rock. I love blues and soul. I like my style! - Whatever you call it. I have my own style, but it is based on a love of rock, blues, and soul.

Breedlove:    I like it. How long have you lived in Nashville?

Jesse Kramer:    I've been in Nashville for about three years. I’m from Indianapolis originally.

Breedlove:    I'm assuming like so many musicians, you moved to Nashville to pursue the dream and go to a place where music is so forefront in culture?

Jesse Kramer:     Nashville was a sensible and convenient place to go. Music city had offers such as experience and opportunity I needed to further my career, and there was plenty of work, and I’m a working kind of guy.

Breedlove:    How do you stay true to your sound and being the musician you want to be?

Jesse Kramer:    Just be who you are. Stay true to who you are. Facing the struggle to stay who you are, I mean, that's a daily thing. If you're not tested daily about who you are and what you believe in, then you're not doing something right. Nashville's a place that can make you stronger if you choose to be strong.

Breedlove:    What do you think's been the biggest lesson that you've learned since you moved to Nashville?

Jesse Kramer: The Biggest lesson is to never stop grinding, and not to jump on every deal or offer.  

Breedlove:    What type of venues do you love playing? Where do you really excel?

Jesse Kramer:    Any place with people willing and ready to listen and understand what it is all about. You can put me in a room with 200, two thousand, two million. I want people to be able to listen, to love music. If I had to pick my dream stage, it would be Live at Red Rocks.

Breedlove:    Being an independent musician is not easy. How are you growing your audience? Where are you touring and playing?

Jesse Kramer:    Right now, being an independent artist without contractual representation, I do the best I can with what I can. I currently do everything independently, but I have to rely on Music and continuing hard work to ensure that all my fans are reached all around the world.  – Especially in new markets. That way I can expand the name. I’m growing a fan base across the globe and the word's getting out.

The other day I made a social post and asked everybody to comment and post their home flag. It was cool to see flags from all over Europe, Africa to ... everywhere, just everywhere. It is great to connect with people all over.

Breedlove:    Tell me a little bit about your style and the state of Rock and roll?

Jesse Kramer:    There's a wide open door for rock and roll in today’s world. I believe that each genre is a season. Genres go in and out of season, and that's just the balance of it, but rock-n-roll is definitely just around the corner. There's a hunger for it, and all my heroes I know are on their last tour. The fans are hungry for new rock and roll and its next wave is just around the corner.

Breedlove:    Well, we are so excited to have you as our featured artist for the month. We're going to check back in with you here later in the month and chat more specifically about your music and what you are working on next. Thank you for your time

Jesse Kramer:    Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

About Jesse Kramer

Behind the grit, lyrics, and passion is a story that comes from a life in cars and bars. Jesse Kramer, originally from Indianapolis, IN, made his way to Nashville, TN at 19. Listeners have given him many of names such as “Old Soul” as his presence and sound appears to be beyond his years. Jesse takes influence from some of his heroes such as Chris Cornell, Prince, Joe Cocker, and many more. Jesse transcends all genres with his ability to bring a wide range of music lovers together. You cannot put a label on Jesse - he truly has his own sound.

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