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A Special Thank You to Bob Johnston

A Special Thank You to Bob Johnston

We, at Breedlove and Two Old Hippies, would like to send out a special thank you to our friend and guest speaker for the 2011 Breedlove Festival, the legendary Bob Johnston.

For those who may not be familiar with Bob’s work, he is best known for shaping the careers of great artists such as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Simon and Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, and many more.

After writing rockabilly singles in the 1950’s for artists such as Elvis, Mac Curtis and recording a few of his own, Johnston moved into production work at Kapp Records, arranging for Dot Records and continued his songwriting for music publisher Hill and Range. When he moved on to Columbia Records in New York, Johnston began producing several notable albums for the artists mentioned above. After his time in New York, Johnston became head of Columbia in Nashville before breaking off to become an independent producer.

Last weekend, at the 2011 Breedlove Festival, Bob Johnston presented a clinic on the history of Rock & Roll. His presentation was, as expected, compelling, insightful, and of course, colorful. He was extremely well received by all festival attendees, as was Friday’s Child, a band currently produced by Johnston, himself. Friday’s Child offered the closing performance to an incredible day of great music and world class instruments.

The Breedlove Festival is an annual event that takes place each July at the Breedlove –Two Old Hippies headquarters in Bend, Oregon. The intention behind the festival is to bring extraordinary instruments and amazing musicians together for a chance to truly experience Breedlove. So, if you were unable to join us this year, we look forward to greeting you next July, at the 2012 Festival!


Images by Jeff Kennedy of ijk Productions