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Arsena Schroeder’s First Full-Length Album Released Dec. 2!

Arsena Schroeder’s First Full-Length Album Released Dec. 2!

In her first full-length album (previously having released the Abundantly EP 2013), independent artist Arsena Schroeder offers her most polished work yet- For My Artist Child - 12 songs about awakening your inner creativity in essence of truth, light, and love. 

Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Schroeder’s music, voice, and songwriting have been compared to the likes of Corinne Bailey Rae, India Arie, & Lauryn Hill. Crafting original songs soaked in pop-soul genres, issues of empowerment, love, and cryptic faith are lyrically intertwined in a mix meant to free and fuel the soul. Schroeder says she took a new approach while songwriting for this album, “I wanted to write what was true to me instead of writing what I thought people might enjoy. So I took three months off to nurture my “artist child”. Then I realized I got amazingly authentic, soul-shaking music.”  

Produced by Pattrick McKenna, For My Artist Child’s beauty lies in its full-band production and soaring vocals on songs like “Everything”, “Disrobe”, & “Words Just Wont Do”. Reviews say her music “strips you bare” and is “soulfully engaging”. Listeners will recognize Schroeder’s signature artistic twist throughout For My Artist Child. They can also expect to hear elements of world, gospel, & indie rock music embedded in a number of songs. 

Arsena Schroeder will be touring extensively in 2015 in support of For My Artist Child. She will be performing at theaters, Universities, galleries, traditional venues, and house concerts throughout the North and Southeast.

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